• Success Stories

    • Bessie - A Seamless Recovery Across the Continuum of Care
      Dec 28, 2011
      Kindred’s presence across the post-acute spectrum of care means that our patients can recover as fully as possible in the proper care setting. Bessie’s story is a good... Read More
    • Bob C.
      Jan 19, 2011
      On behalf of my family and my dad, I want to thank everyone for the care and compassion they provided my dad. Many times they had to provide both under difficult... Read More
    • William P.
      Jan 19, 2011
      My wife Jacqualyn and I wish to thank you and your great staff for the many kindnesses you offered my mother, Rose, during her stay at Forestview. I recall your individual... Read More
    • Donna M.
      Jan 19, 2011
      My husband and I would like to thank you and your extremely capable staff for the kindness shown to my father and mother. The care, consideration, and attention to detail... Read More
    • Roger M.
      Jan 19, 2011
      When I found out that my mother had been transferred to your facility, I thought for sure her life would fall apart. After all, I, her only child, was in Los Angeles. The... Read More
    • Barbara C.
      Jan 19, 2011
      We wish to thank you for all you did to make our father comfortable and well cared for during his last days. Your staff will always be remembered for their dedication,... Read More
    • Brenda H.
      Jan 19, 2011
      I wanted to thank you for all that you were to me while my mom was sick. It was truly the most heart wrenching experience I have come to encounter in life. The whole thing... Read More
    • Aubry - Going Home
      Sep 30, 2010
      Aubry came to us, recovering from pneumonia and with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Aubry's wife wanted to see if we could work on improving his physical strength... Read More
    • Rae - Healing and Recovery
      Jun 21, 2010
      Rae, 61, was admitted with multiple infections due to the rejection of hardware in her hip replacement. She came in on IV antibiotics and was unable to care for herself.In... Read More
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